You may be surprised that our teas are not available in the usual aluminium cans and bags. For some time now we have deliberately been using tea in jars and tea in doypacks made of biodegradable paper and have good reasons for doing so:

Tea in a glass for organic quality through and through!

Organic tea in aluminium packaging is a contradiction in terms for us. We want to package our high-quality product in such a way that it is truly organic. Biodegradable, recyclable and without any harmful impact on people or the environment:

Healthy tea by doing without aluminium packaging!

Aluminium is a light and practical packaging material with side effects. Studies have shown that aluminium ions can cause diseases if they are released from the packaging and enter the human body. The light metal is suspected of impairing healthy bone development, fertility and the nervous system and even promoting cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. We want to play it safe: For this reason, we consistently do without aluminium as packaging material and offer our organic teas exclusively in screw jars and biodegradable paper bags.

Organic tea in jars for a healthy environment

Sustainability is important to us. This is another reason why we offer our tea in glass and consistently do without aluminium. It is true that both materials require a great deal of energy in the extraction and manufacture of raw materials. Both materials are per se recyclable. For health reasons, however, aluminium packaging is usually sold as composite materials with paper or plastic. So how do we dispose of them? Only a small part therefore ends up in a yellow sack or aluminium container. The rest ends up in household waste. Here, the ecological balance for glass packaging and paper is much better: screw jars are used as preserving jars or are placed in glass containers.

Tasteless and decorative: organic tea in screw jars

We think our organic tea is hygienic, practical and simply beautiful in a screw-on jar: so you can store different types of tea in different jars and see at a glance which tea you need to reorder: After decanting, you simply dispose of the stand-up pouches cleanly and easily in the paper waste. We want to make our screw-on jars even better: that’s why we’re currently testing different wooden lids so that we can soon replace our proven metal lids with an environmentally friendly, aroma-protecting and shapely closure. – For your health, our environment and always the best tea aroma!

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