We think you see, feel, smell and taste the difference. But maybe that’s just because as an organic tea supplier, we deal a lot with teas. This gives us a trained view of different tea qualities and different forms of production. We have therefore tried to compare high-quality organic teas as objectively and neutrally as possible with industrially produced teas.

Do you see the differences between premium and industrial teas?

We think so! Hand picked teas in best organic quality simply look more beautiful. Somehow more lively and natural. Industrial teas are rarely that colourful and varied. Not even when industrial organic is written on the packaging. If you want to process, package and offer large quantities at a reasonable price, you inevitably have to cut back on the quality of the raw materials and develop efficient, not always fair forms of production. Industrially produced teas can be recognised by their particularly small and homogeneous appearance: even when raw materials from organic cultivation are used. For teas of the highest manufactory quality, only the best raw materials are hand-picked with expert knowledge, processed and later lovingly packaged. Premium teas therefore usually look particularly beautiful and the eye is well known to enjoy them. Premium teas are decorative works of art for the little moments of pleasure in everyday life.

Do you feel the differences?

People who drink a lot of tea know the positive effect on their health. Depending on the variety and blend, teas have a calming, stimulating, encouraging effect or simply give you immediate vitality and a good mood. High-quality organic teas have a much higher concentration of healthy ingredients than comparable industrial products. Therefore the health-promoting effect of the tea is felt much faster. Organic teas do completely without aluminium packaging and are grown 100 % organically. Without chemical-synthetic pesticides or mineral fertilizers. You may not feel that immediately, but knowing that alone gives you a good feeling!

Differences you can smell

Organic teas contain only natural flavours. These can also be intense. As with a good perfume, it is important to compose the right blend for tea. In itself harmonious and harmonious in the cup fragrant. Even industrial products can smell very tasty and appetizing. Often artificially produced aromas from the olfactory laboratory are used, which cleverly manipulate our subconscious. Only very experienced noses immediately smell artificial aromas, which can harm the environment and our health with frequent consumption.

Differences you can taste

The taste should make all the difference in tea. And it really does! High-quality teas bring the full-bodied taste experience into the cup. Every sip is a small moment of pleasure and lingers on for a long time. Even hours later we remember the particularly good taste with delight. Like in a gourmet restaurant, where a small but fine nuance tastes better than in the pizzeria next door.

Our conclusion

Exclusive organic tea from small and fine production is something very special and differs from industrial tea. Sustainability and fair production without exploitation are, besides quality and taste, an important argument for organic goods. Industrial organic is a good opportunity for inexpensive and sustainable tea enjoyment. If you want special enjoyment for all the senses, you can also opt for premium tea.

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