We make the difference!

We connect quality and sustainability


Our vision

We at Essendia strive to make the world a better place, in addition to bettering every individual’s life with our products. Not only lots of small steps will be necessary but also few but very important principles. Allow us to introduce to you our 4 cornerstone that guide us every day:

100% Organic 

Your health and vitality are of utmost importance to us. That’s why Essendia has made it their priority to only use organic and unadulterated ingredients when producing tea or cocoa mixtures. Our customers can be certainly sure that our products had neither been grown by using pesticides nor hazardous substances.

100% Premium for more livability

The quality of all the products we offer is ranked first. This means a more particular supervision over production and packaging. We only use high-class harvested resources and refrain from including machine-based production. The human individual and his livability are in the limelight of Essendia. Furthermore, we consciously refrain from investing in marketing strategies and to focus more on enhancing the premium quality of our products. Summed up, we wrap up our products by hand, only use high-class local products and make sure we support transparent supply chains.

100% Ecological sustainability

Our environment and the sustainability of our products are very important to us. To live by that philosophy, we consequently refrain from using any forms of plastic or aluminum in our packaging. We are constantly in search of innovative packaging methods that will preserve our environment and are of no damage to our customer’s health. Our clever recycling system is but another step towards an environmental packaging.

100 % Social responsibility for a better coexistence

Our society is getting more and more complex. We at Essendia want to keep the world and our coexistence clear and simple. We are pretty much aware of the social responsibility we bear. We prefer to create fair job opportunities and fair compensation systems rather than benefitting from extra profit. We support the farmers in our regions and make sure that our suppliers too provide their employees with fair labor conditions. Furthermore, we are making sure that they use eco-friendly and sustainable production methods. We stand for less marketing and revenue and for more social responsibility and healthy coexistence.

The principles of our vision encourage our work daily. With a lot of small steps, we will be able to
make everyone’s life a little bit better. Join us!