Congratulations on a wonderful time in your life! Having a baby is a special experience in the life of every woman. Everything you do and experience now has a direct effect on your baby. Therefore it is good if you feel good all around and can enjoy every moment. Healthy nutrition, sufficient hydration, moderate exercise in the fresh air and many beautiful moments are now very important.

Healthy thirst quencher with feel-good effect

Sufficient hydration is especially important for your health. You should drink two litres a day without alcohol, coffee, black tea or sweetened lemonades. Not that easy. Fruit spritzers, water, fruit or herbal teas are permitted to meet your fluid requirements in a healthy way. Rooibos in organic quality tastes particularly good to many pregnant women: the full-bodied, slightly sweet and very pleasant taste makes it easy to drink the recommended amount of liquid and at the same time do a lot for your health and well-being.

Being pregnant is exciting – BioTee soothes and balances

A lot of new and exciting things are pouring into you: Gynaecologist, ultrasound, lots of nutrition and health tips. You want to do everything right now and feel stress, inner restlessness and nausea rising up in you. This is normal: everyday life continues, your hormonal balance changes and sometimes everything becomes too much. A little rest and a cup of Rooibos tea works wonders now. South Africa’s national drink has a calming and balancing effect and can effectively combat flatulence and discomfort.

Valuable minerals, antioxidants and iron for you and your baby

Roibos tea is a real health boost: A large cup of rooibos tea contains an average of 0.1 mg iron, 0.25 mg fluorine, many other minerals and valuable antioxidants: this strengthens your immune system and hardens you against infections. You need a lot of iron and minerals for yourself and your baby. With BioTee you can usually do without the additional intake of an iron preparation.

Rooibos tea against varicose veins during pregnancy

Your connective tissue loosens before birth. Many pregnant women are now more prone to water retention and varicose veins. The natural active ingredient Rutin in Rooibos tea strengthens your vascular walls and makes an important contribution against varicose veins. Lots of fluids, gentle gymnastics and regular exercise help you to regain your ideal weight quickly after birth and varicose veins have no chance with you.

Happiness booster for cloudy days

Falling asleep quickly, sleeping well and starting the day happily in the morning is not always easy during pregnancy. First nausea tortures, later everyday life becomes more and more difficult with the growing belly. Your well-being is particularly important now. Treat yourself to breaks and beautiful moments every day. Consciously think of your baby and look forward to it. A delicious cup of Babylove tea works wonders and pushes your happiness hormones and joy onto your baby.

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